Promotion at Qi

Well, I guess it’s officially out there. I got promoted at my job.

I know I shouldnt be all that excited about seeing a press release announcing my promotion, but I am, since it appeared today on

Here’s the link: Qi Promotes and Expands (CNN) on Qi Promotes and Expands (FoxNews),

And in case the link ever expires, here’s what it actually says:

Buddy Scalera has been promoted from senior director, interactive content and market research to vice president, interactive content and market research. In his new position, Mr. Scalera will oversee the digital team and research, develop and deliver new interactive online strategies, including social and viral marketing, web content, search engine marketing campaigns and mobile applications. Mr. Scalera has been with Qi for two years.

In two years, I’ve seen the company grow from just a small team of about nine in-house staffers to around 30. So it’s been especially exciting, since now I can remember seeing ideas nurtured into pitches, sold into real business, and launched as measurable programs.

I’ve seen a lot of really good people get hired, and I am proud to say, I referred a couple of really good people who are doing great work at Qi. You know how you feel proud to be part of a good team and a good situation? That’s how I feel right now.

I just wanted to share the link, since it’s not every day you get to see your name on a website like that.