Bad News Travels Fast

Bad news. You wish it would go away. And before the Net, sure, you had a good chance of your bad news getting shuffled away with yesterday’s news.

Now, well, nothing goes away. For better or worse, bad news just lingers.

Right now, the designers who created a recent ad for Ralph Lauren are probably wishing that the Internet would just turn off. Or at least turn attention elsewhere. But for now, they are the bad news celebrities of the day.

An image that was Photoshopped to make a Ralph Lauren model look thinner seems to have gone a bit too far. This photo shows a woman with an impossibly thin waist. Is it a commentary on models? On our obsession with thinness? Well, according to initial reports…no. Apparently, it’s just someone who went too far with their image manipulation.

Now the bad news is everywhere. Ralph Lauren released a statement, but the Net is buzzing with conversation, including on the Photoshop Disasters Blog.

Today, a photo is worth a thousand blogs.