Getting Creative with The Creative Show

During the pandemic, I joined my friends Joe “JK” Kalinowski and Monina Wagner to create a new video-based show about business creativity for content marketers.

The Creative Show is a fun little side project that gives us an opportunity to explore and analyze cool creative concepts in a way that is relevant for modern content marketers. We do the show live once a month on the Content Marketing Institute YouTube and Facebook channels to discuss creativity in business.

Below are a few of our early shows:

Star Wars and Content Marketing

If you love Star Wars and work in content marketing, I’ve got a new post for you. My frequent collaborator Joe Kalinowski and I created a new post for Content Marketing Institute called:

A Trilogy of Tactics Content Marketers Can Learn from 41 Years of Star Wars Promotions

Joe and I created co-authored piece that helps you understand how you can (and also cannot) examine Star Wars for marketing insights. We hope you like it.

And if you’re really motivated, we repurposed the content as a video. Same stuff, except in video form.

Also check out some other posts that Joe and I have co-authored together:

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