Week 2 with Kindle 2

It’s week two or so with the new Kindle 2. Despite being an extremely easy device to use, I still found it took me time to become really comfortable with it. Like most people who saw it for the first time, I was reaching for the screen, since it really looked like it would be perfect for a touch-based interface. Maybe next version.

Over the first few days, I handled it gingerly. It was transported carefully in the original box, since I hadn’t opted to buy one of the many available cases.

Then, after a while, I started to just treat it like another part of my collection. Dropped it in the pocket of my heavy winter coat, and off I went. And you know what? It survived. Nice. The Kindle 2 is proving to be a tough, road-worthy companion.

Right now, I primarily subscribe to the New York Times daily and one of my favorite blogs, which is Read Write Web. And despite a few gripes about navigating articles, I’m really impressed with K2. Durable, fast, convenient. So far, so good.

Been exploring a few Kindle-specific blogs too, which is making me feel like I am part of some cool new club for readers. Check out:

Joe Wikert’s Kindleville Blog: All Kindle, All the Time

Blog Kindle

Kindle 2 Day 1 – Newspaper Renewal

Today was my first full day with the Amazon Kindle 2.  It came yesterday when I was at work.

By cosmic coincidence, so did the renewal reminder for our daily newspaper subscription. I wonder if the gods of media were trying to tell me something.

The cost of subscribing to my daily newspaper The Record is a mere $2.25 per week. That comes to only $117 per year. That’s pretty low.

Unfortunately, my newspaper is not available on the Kindle (yet), so I opted for a test subscription to The New York Times. Ironically, the cost of the times is actually $167.88, even though it is delivered wireless to the Kindle.

Although, I have to admit, getting the New York Times on the Kindle was actually rather cool. The images were sharp, the text could be increased, and it was a pretty good feeling to know that I didn’t waste any paper…y’know, reading the paper.

It was also nice to read a few of my favorite blogs, including Read-Write-Web on the Kindle.  It was a gorgeous day outside and I just sat in the park and read. The display was perfect.

So…Day 1 with the Kindle 2…pretty impressive all around. And the newspaper gets another renewal. At least for now.