A Tale of Two Decks (Slideshare Experiment)

  This is an experiment on Slideshare. This is…A Tale of Two Decks. Let’s start at the beginning. Recently, I shared the stage with Michelle Killebrew at the Intelligent Content Conference 2015 in San Francisco. If you didn’t attend the event, you missed our somewhat unorthodox presentation where we told “a story about storytelling.” Note: All videos… Continue reading A Tale of Two Decks (Slideshare Experiment)

Conflict Is Story: What It Means for Marketing Storytellers

Conflict is story. Graphic by Joe Kalinowski based on a photo by Gianluca Ramalho Misiti.

Without conflict, there is no story. It is conflict that defines the story. Whenever a writer is sharing a story idea with me, I’m listening for the conflict. Specifically, what is preventing the main character from reaching a specific, desired goal. And whenever a marketer references the brand “storytelling,” I’m listening for the same things.… Continue reading Conflict Is Story: What It Means for Marketing Storytellers

Comics for Content Marketers

Over the past three or so years, I’ve been getting up on stage and talking about visual content marketing and what web designers can learn from comic book artists. You can see one of my decks here: “Seven & a Half Tips to Jump Start Your Visual Content Strategy.” At the end of my presentations, there… Continue reading Comics for Content Marketers

Epic Interview with Content Marketer Joe Pulizzi

He’s been called the “godfather of content marketing” and with good reason. Long before we were attending content-themed conferences, Joe Pulizzi was trying to convince his clients that content was the next big thing in marketing. It took a few years, but he’s convinced large and small companies to hire Chief Content Officers (CCO) to… Continue reading Epic Interview with Content Marketer Joe Pulizzi

Brandscaping with Author and Marketer Andrew Davis

Andrew Davis is the guy you want on your marketing team. He’s smart, passionate, funny, and has an uncanny knack for nailing it. His book Brandscaping: Unleashing the Power of Partnerships captures the essential rules of modern digital marketing. And if you had to distill it down to just one idea, it would be that… Continue reading Brandscaping with Author and Marketer Andrew Davis

Interview with Content Strategy Author Ann Rockley

Despite being a relatively young industry, there are some pioneers who recognized the need and potential of content strategy. Their names pop up in blog posts, conferences, and bookshelves because they are the true thought leaders of this evolving discipline.

Instead of becoming a fond footnote of the content strategy industry, Ann Rockley has continued to evolve with fresh, relevant insights. Her book is “Managing Enterprise Content,” quite frankly, required reading for everyone who wants to work in content strategy.