How to Plan a Consistent Visual Content Strategy | Video Tutorial

Visual Content Strategy video from Content Marketing World

A consistent visual content strategy will help your target audience to have a consistent brand experience along their personal user journey on any channel or device. Planning your visual content strategy must go beyond the initial creation of content. You must consider how your content will be managed, governed, analyzed, and maintained as the technology can channels continue to evolve.

In this video from Content Marketing World 2018, I talk about how brand teams can plan a more effective and scalable content strategy that includes a strong visual content strategy.


Too often, brands start developing creative designs and channels without really planning how users will actually discover and interact with content resources on multiple channels, including social media.

In the article “2 Things to Know About Visual Content Strategy in 2019” on the Content Marketing Institute website, Kim Moutsos explores simple, straightforward ideas for ways that you can plan a more consistent strategy around visual content.

Kim captured some of the key concepts that I discussed at the CMWorld conference. She highlights key pain points around mobile content, social media sharing, and how web browsers scale your hero images.

I’m quoted in this post and in the video produced by Amanda Subler, so I’m hoping you go check it out on the Content Marketing Institute website. It’s jam packed with useful articles on content strategy and how you can optimize your visual content.

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