How to Access Twitter Analytics Dashboard for Data on Your Tweets

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You may use Twitter every day for work or for fun, but have you ever really looked at the performance of your tweets? Then it’s time you looked at your Twitter Analytics, which are free and easy to access, even if you’ve never looked at analytics ever before.

This video shows you step-by-step how to access your Twitter Analytics dashboard, how to navigate to the important information, and how to understand how your account is performing compared to other Twitter users. Best of all, this data is all free.

This is part of the Marketing Tech Tip series where I show you simple, but useful tricks to optimize your social media and other marketing channels. These are short, easy to follow, and fun for new and experienced marketing professionals.

This Twitter Analytics tip is useful because it doesn’t require any special software to access your analytics data. It’s also a free solution, which is also very appealing. Check out this video and the other videos on my new YouTube channel. You’ll find a lot of fun, easy tips to improve your skills as a social media marketer.

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