How To Download an Image from Instagram Using a Web Browser

This video shows you how to download an original photo from Instagram using a basic web browser. If you’ve ever tried to download a photo from Instagram, you may find that using a right-mouse click does not work.

So, how do you download a JPEG image from Instagram? You could take a screenshot, but that requires a few unnecessary steps, including cropping. That’s not what you want.

In this video on my new YouTube channel, I demonstrate how you just use a right-mouse click to view the source. When you’re in source view (don’t worry, it’s not that scary), you just use the Find function.

If you want to follow along with the video, here is the image I show you how to download. (Click the image and it will open Instagram in your web browser.)

Then this is the source that you will see when you right click with your mouse:


You look for “JPG.” You’ll get many results, but the first one is the image you want. You select the entire path (but not the quotation marks). Then you copy that path and paste it into a new browser window. Now you will have a direct path to the image file as a JPEG.

Right click the image. You will see an option to Save Image. Now you can save the image to your local computer.

That’s it.