Upcoming: Content Marketing World 2013 in Cleveland

Poster promoting Content Marketing World 2013 featuring Buddy Scalera, Tim Washer, Sarah Skerik, and Jeff Rohrs

Poster promoting Content Marketing World 2013 featuring Buddy Scalera, Tim Washer, Sarah Skerik, and Jeff Rohrs

In a few days, I’ll be presenting at Content Marketing World in Cleveland, one of the premiere events in marketing and content strategy. If you work in content, content marketing, content strategy, analytics, or social media, this is the must-attend event of the year.

Joe Pulizzi and the conference planners have created and shared some clever materials, including a series of posters featuring different speakers. Of course, we love to see our names, so everyone on the poster is sharing it on their social channels. My poster in the series has a disco theme and includes Jeff Rohrs, Sarah Skerik, and Tim Washer.

I talk to my clients a lot about social and viral assets. This is an excellent real-time example of how to create content assets that travel through sharing and endorsement.

They’ve also created a SlideShare presentation that included quotes from many of the speakers. And, of course, the views and likes for this thing are impressive as hell.

The original PowerPoint asset was posted August 14, 2013 on SlideShare. As of this writing, it’s already at 34,819  views. Remember, this is a deck leading up to a business conference. This isn’t some goofy pop culture thing from MTV or People magazine, so you don’t usually see view rates like this on business content.

They included me in the deck, so I am embedding it here. Look for me on Pages 16 & 17.



My Events at Content Marketing World

If you happen to be attending the event, I hope you come see me make my content marketing presentations. I’m really excited to be there and I’d welcome some friendly faces in the audience.

Main Event:
September 11 – 11:45 – 12:30
TITLE: Top Seven and a Half Tips to Jump Start Your Visual Content Strategy

Healthcare Summit
September 12 – 4:00 – 4:45
TITLE: Columbus, the Flat Earth, and the Real Way to Inspire Content Marketing in Large Organizations (especially Pharma)

Here’s my profile page on Content Marketing World.

At the event, the hashtag is #cmworld.

And my social footprint includes:

That should get us started, dontcha think? Hope to see you in Cleveland!

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