Interview with PR News for My Next Content Strategy Presentation

Steve Goldstein of PR News.

Steve Goldstein of PR News.

Every once in a while, you gotta turn things upside down, right? Right. Let’s do it.

Next week, I’ll be speaking at the PR News Content Marketing Bookcamp. They posted a description of my panel and even ran a nice interview with me. I’m pretty excited to be meeting Ben Shields of ESPN, since we’ll be sharing a stage together for our panel. Good stuff.

But…I wanted to do something a little different. This time, I turn the tables and interview the convention organizer. In the hot seat is Steve Goldstein, who is the editorial director, events, for PR News. Let’s see what he has to say about the upcoming event…


BUDDY SCALERA: First off, hello. We’ve never actually met in person, but I am going to be speaking at one of your upcoming conferences. Can you tell me a little about the upcoming event?

STEVE GOLDSTEIN: What we’re doing is gathering thought leaders in content marketing from brands and from PR agencies to show PR professionals how they can help their brands and clients amp up their content strategy and, not incidentally, create content that’s shareable.


What’s your role here at PR News and what will you be doing at the PR News event?

As editorial director of events for PR News, I program our conferences, boot camps, workshops and webinars, and also our awards events. I also help out producing content for the PR News website and pitch in on our annual guidebooks and premium weekly newsletter. But we’ve found that PR professionals—all professionals, really—need and crave live interaction with peers and thought leaders. Our live events are important to the PR community, and they’re growing. At the events themselves I serve as a sort of master of ceremonies and moderate many of the panels.


Typically, I speak at marketing or pharma events. This is my first PR related event. What do PR people talk about? 

Mainly, they talk about how to bring measurable value to their brands and clients and about how PR is a crucial function that affects the bottom line—in good times and when brands are in crisis.


PR News Content Marketing Boot Camp

PR News Content Marketing Boot Camp

Back when I was a pup, PR professionals were dealing with print and other traditional media. What’s it like to be in PR these days?

It’s about being a content producer and distributor—hence the June 18 Content Marketing Boot Camp. It’s about managing and preventing crises on social channels, 24/7. It’s about media training and brand messaging and corporate responsibility programs and employee communications and measuring the effective of traditional and digital PR campaigns. It’s about two-way communications with stakeholders on social channels. It’s not just about pitching articles to the media anymore—especially now with fewer reporters to pitch to, sadly.


I’m coming to your conference to talk about content strategy. What’s the role of PR in content strategy?

PR has always been about content strategy. Pitching story ideas to newspaper reporters was and is nothing short of content strategy. But now brands need to produce their own useful content to remain competitive and to meet the content needs of their audiences.


Back when I was in PR, we had to document emergency response plans. But this typically included a phone list and talking points.  How has this kind of emergency plan changed? Is there a content strategy for emergencies?

As many crisis management experts will tell you, there is no one-size-fits-all strategy. The important thing is to have a plan in place, and to have crisis team roles worked out ahead of time. The operative word, when it comes to content in a crisis, is “message.” That’s always been the case. What’s changed is the viral nature of crises and need for a rapid response on social channels. And those crisis messages now need to be developed and vetted on the fly.


I’ve noticed more PR people reaching out to me because I blog. How has PR changed now that the definition of “media” and “press” have evolved?

Smart professionals now try to build relationships with journalists and bloggers, and one of the best ways to do that is by reading and following journalists and bloggers with influence in their market. And not just reading and following, but commenting on their posts.


Tell me how excited you are to see me speak.

What attendees love most of all at PR News conferences and boot camps are real-world, case study examples—some theory, but mainly application of best practices. And that’s what you’re providing at the June 18 Content Marketing Boot Camp.



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