5 Great Reasons Your Marketing Strategy Works

Marketing strategy. Yours is working.

Look, I’m going to run through a few things with you, since you already know all of this. You’re a marketing pro, so this is just a quick review of your talking points with your boss.

A good marketer like you knows that you can’t just check boxes and expect to deliver remarkable results. You are already working hard to make sure your strategies and tactics are effective.

Let’s review five reasons your campaign will succeed, so you can discuss it during your next performance review:

1. You have a strong content strategy.
Last quarter you rocked it with a smart strategy, fantastic branding, and a super message. It took some time, but you managed to deliver an equally amazing content strategy. You know (because you read Content Strategy for the Web and The Elements of Content Strategy) that content strategy includes a plan for ongoing content creation, management, and governance. That’s why your website isn’t still in Phase 1/Launch. You’ve had a content strategist focused on all aspects of content, so that the message stays fresh for your target audience. It’s not just the copy on your website either. It’s mobile, social, video, graphics, and everything in between. This, above all, is why you are succeeding where others have failed. You know that content strategy is the foundation of content marketing.

2. You have an analytics plan.
When they tried to tell you that they would measure site traffic, you put up your hand and asked them to clarify. Good thing too, since they were only scoped to measure basic site traffic. You insisted that key performance indicators (KPIs) were defined and quantified before the first word of content was even written.  Now, instead of scrambling to justify your efforts, you have been proactively delivering insights about your campaigns. Plus, you are getting regular reports that do more than just give a wall of numbers. You are sharing the data and insights with everyone, including your content strategist, your social media team, your mobile team, your search engine marketing team, and other stakeholders. Everyone has the same data and that means they’re all collaborating on the same shared vision. (Yours.)

3. You have a great extended team.
Between layoffs and budget restrictions, everyone is squeezed. But you were smart about building a good team. You consulted with your internal team, your agencies, and your consultants. You made it clear to everyone that you expected a great campaign, true commitment to excellence, and passion from everyone. You searched for good teams and hired the ones that really knew marketing, technology, and your category. You embraced people and agencies that deliver brilliance…and you don’t let them slip away. You know that career success is tied to relationships, so you put time and energy into the people who matter.

4. You understand the new-media challenges of marketing.
Keeping up with new technology can feel like you’re running on a treadmill. But if you keep running, you know that the treadmill can help you get into shape! That’s why you make an effort to stay on top of new technology and surround yourself with people who do the same. You like the techno geeks at the marketing agency, not just because they know stuff about new media, but because they really seem to love what they are doing. They will drop everything to explain a new technology idea, especially since they know you are listening. You don’t gloss over the details. In digital, it’s all details.

5. You have a good strategy, period.
You’ve watched other brand managers budget their campaigns unwisely. They’ve sat in discussions from January to September without actually doing anything. Then, at the last possible minute, they try to spend their entire budget. So instead of an ongoing marketing effort, these teams are scrambling to make their target numbers. Your strategy is better. You start the year strong by, well, starting. You had vision and insight the year before, so you start the year running. Because of your content strategy and analytics plan, you’ve been measuring and reporting results. Every dollar you spend delivers a measurable ROI. The bosses love this and you know it. If you can demonstrate a superior strategy for spending money and delivering ROI, you know that your budgets will not get cut. In fact, the teams that are still stuck in committee are losing budgets. And now management is asking you what you would do with more budget. This is your strategy. It’s what makes Brand You…you.


Look, I’m glad we had this little talk. When you go for your performance review, I hope you’re not shy about discussing your successes. You’ve put in the effort, so you may as well talk about it. Share this with your management.

And if you get promoted, be sure to throw in a good word for me too!


2 thoughts on “5 Great Reasons Your Marketing Strategy Works

  1. Analytics are going to be the key to 2013. Digital is becoming mature. The shine is wearing off of social media and one of the true ways to prove your worth is with data. But the dirty little secret to data is that you need to pay it forward THIS year. You need some baselines to understand your starting point. You’ll need the far lefthand side of the graph to see the hockeystick. Get started now and call your metrics expert (bringing a box of donuts goes a long way)…

  2. A few years ago, you could get away with a social campaign just because it was cool. Now you have to have an ROI. No ROI? No campaign. It’s grown up marketing. 

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