SOPA Blackout Screenshots Including Google, Reddit, Wikipedia

It’s been a long time coming. The SOPA blackout is finally here and a clear message is being sent to the US government.

There are many places to learn about SOPA. I’ll provide links at the bottom.

What I find fascinating are the blackout pages, which were spread virally. I’ll provide some SOPA blackout screenshots here on the blog. Others will appear on my Flickr page.

(Oh, and before I forget…all websites are (c) their respective owners! If you are a copyright holder and want a screenshot removed, please let me know.)

Wired Censored SOPA Blackout and News
Wired SOPA Blackout Page Screenshot
BoingBoing SOPA Blackout and News SOPA Blackout Page Screenshot
Craigslist SOPA & Pipa Blackout and News
CraigsList SOPA Blackout Page Screenshot

See More Screenshots

WordPress SOPA Blackout Screenshots
WordPress SOPA Blackout Page Screenshot
OReilly SOPA Blackout Screenshots
OReilly Media SOPA Blackout Page Screenshot
WikiPedia SOPA Blackout Screenshots
Flickr SOPA Blackout of one of my own photos
Mozilla SOPA Blackout Screenshots
Mozilla Firefox SOPA Blackout Page Screenshot
Google Search SOPA Blackout Screenshots
Google Search Page & Logo SOPA Blackout Page Screenshot
Reddit SOPA Blackout Screenshots
Reddit SOPA Blackout Page Screenshot
Google Blog SOPA Blackout Screenshots
Google Blog and Petition SOPA Blackout Page Screenshot

So there you go. An Internet movement and protest that used viral and social media to send a message to the government. By early news reports, it appears that the social media backlash is a marketing nightmare for politicians and many are already pulling back their support for the SOPA legislation.

Marketers and brand managers who study and utilize viral campaigns through social media channels will certainly be talking about the SOPA blackout with their clients. It’ll be a topic that I discuss at panels and presentations I deliver to marketing managers who are interested in how viral messages can influence behavior on social channels like Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and more.

More screenshots on my Flickr page.

More to come on SOPA, PIPA, and (of course) piracy. We sure do live in interesting times.

4 thoughts on “SOPA Blackout Screenshots Including Google, Reddit, Wikipedia

  1. Thank you for this post. Censoring of the Internet is a massive issue and not to be taken lightly. This level of censorship is neither needed nor effective and the messages shad by these sites sold be echoed by everyone who uses the web to deliver content.

  2. I’m glad I was able to snap these when I could. It’s not exactly like being at Woodstock, but I’m happy that I got to see the SOPA revolt in real time.

  3. I never realized how utterly dependent on Wikipedia I was until the blackout. I’m glad SOPA is shelved for now.

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