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I’ve been developing content and building websites for a long, long time now. In the beginning, we did almost always from scratch. Occasionally, I used a template, but often it was just sitting at the keyboard grinding out a design and some code.

The past three or four sites, however, have all been developed on WordPress. Instead of worrying about HTML, CSS, Javascript, or divs, I get to focus on the content.

Initially, I only used WordPress as a blogging platform with the main body as the new content area. It was the standard blog structure where the newest post appeared on top, pushing the older posts down.

But now I’ve started to discover new ways to control WordPress to make it look like a regular website. So instead of posting a standard blog post, I am building a nice homepage with functional interior pages. In most cases, it still looks like a blog platform, which is fine by me. In most of these newer sites, I’m looking for a homegrown feel that highlights the content, not the snazzy design.

WordPress also includes tools that allow you to easily insert content, like video clips, pictures, and other cool stuff. If statistics are your thing, it’s easy to add analytics to see what people are doing on your website or blog.

WordPress is free and there are plenty of free templates to choose from. It’s not perfect. In fact, I managed to break WordPress once.

Fortunately, the developers at WordPress are constantly releasing updates and design templates.

If you’ve been thinking about building a website for yourself or your brand, you can get started for free at It is incredibly easy and can help you learn the basics of website structure and linking. Best of all, you don’t need to know anything about HTML or other technical stuff. You get to focus on the important stuff like content strategy, design elements, and the actual content. WordPress does all the hard stuff in the background.

WordPress is free and it requires no technical knowledge to get started. So stop sitting on the sidelines and start building your website!

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