Marketing: It’s Just Too Easy

A friend of mind and I were talking about how to first brand and then market his company’s brand. We had a long, rambling conversation about marketing channels like YouTube, Vimeo, blogs, Twitter, etc.

When he told me, “on Twitter, anybody can build up a massive following, so it’s not really worth doing,” he stopped me in my tracks.

Upon further clarification, he told me that on Twitter anyone can follow a bunch of people and then unfollow them to build of your following. That traffic building technique, he explained, was one of the reasons Twitter didn’t really matter. It just seemed too easy. That, and anybody can get 50,000 followers, if you know how to work the system.

Anyway, the conversation continued normally until my kids got hungry and began demanding dinner. So we broke off the call and went to our respective families.

My friend was being honest and candid as he talked about the marketing channels that he thought were most effective. This was due, in part, with his feeling that Twitter was too easy.

Let me tell you, friends and fellow marketers, Twitter isn’t “too easy.” In fact, it’s harder than it looks to get a solid follow base and keep them engaged. Twitter messages are certainly brief at 140 characters, but it’s not just one tweet that gets you 50,000 followers. It’s a series of content posts that make people see value in your message.

In reality, good marketing is harder than it looks.

The same goes for public relations, advertising, and anything else designed to get someone to discover and engage with a brand message. Go out there and market a brand-new brand and you’ll find that out faster than it takes you to tweet a new thought.

Good marketing requires planning and follow through. In most campaigns, it requires content updates and cross promotions to get people to discover that content. On the back end, there’s usually an analysis of the channels driving key performance indicators and conversions. Real marketing campaigns usually require a lot of time and energy, especially since they need to adapt to the needs of the customer.

As marketers, we tend to be passionate people. We love our new media marketing ideas and how they can help a client’s brand. We want to help the brand find the audience and the audience to connect with the brand, so we usually fall in love with the brand as if we actually owned it. At least I usually do.

If you think about it, maybe as marketers we make the craft of marketing sound easier than it really is because, for us, it’s not really work. It’s actually fun.


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  1. Having passion for your craft is critical. To be a master of this market, you have to be aware of the changes and shifts. They can move very quickly, but if you’re not a student of your industry, it will quickly become a very tiring job to keep abreast. I feel very lucky to love what I do and still think everyday offers something new and challenging.

    Great post!

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