3 Easy Email Marketing Tips to Improve ROI

Few things in the modern world are as ubiquitous as email. In a few short years, the medium of email went from being a small part of the online experience to a centerpiece of our professional and personal lives. And yet, oddly enough, many marketers are unsure of how to properly utilize email as part of their branding campaign.

Here are three tips for getting the most out of your email marketing efforts. (Why only three? Well, for starters, email marketing is a massive topic that is far too important to tackle in just one blog post. So let’s just start with three and see how that goes.)

1. Understand How Images Load
These days, many of your target customers have the ability to receive HTML email, which means that you can include snazzy images. But many email programs do not show images when the email is opened. That means your splashy email may not display as intended until the user clicks “load images.” Be sure to design your emails, so that key messages display on the preview mode.

This video by my friend and technical advisor Chris Cullmann details how to optimize the images in the body of an HTML email. Note how certain techniques that work well on a website (white navigational text on a black background), just doesn’t work on HTML emails. Listen to Chris. He’s smart.

2. Write for Quick Reads
We are now officially a mobile generation. People consume emails on smart phones and other devices with relatively small screens. That means your 1,200 word opus is probably going to feel a bit wordy on a Blackberry.

Try writing small, but powerful text blocks that convey your message quickly. Twitter has showed us that we can say a lot more than we realize in just 140 characters. Imagine what you can do with, say, 150 characters.

If you want a user to read a long article, write tight, snappy headlines and include a few lines of copy that get the user to click through to your website. And when they click through, you’ll have some analytic data that tells you how they interact with your site.

3. Make it About the Reader
Yes, we all want to deliver our message and have our target users flock to our websites and buy our stuff. That’s why clients hire agencies.

But users don’t always want what the brand wants. If someone has opted in for your email, they are probably hoping for something valuable to them. It may be a pearl of wisdom or a money saving coupon.

It only takes a second or two for a user to delete that beautiful, committee-approved email message that you sent. Don’t give them a reason to delete, unsubscribe, or spam your emails (because they will).

So instead of making your email about you, make it about your reader. Give them something that they find valuable. Then, and only then, will they be receptive to your marketing brand message. In fact, a well-crafted email with useful insight may be forwarded to a friend, which could expand your subscriber base.

See, that wasn’t that bad was it? Three easy tips for improving your email marketing campaign.

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  1. On the subject of relevance and respect marketing, it’s very important to give users some control over how you converse with them. For instance, rather than a simple opt-out or unsubcribe, offer your audience an option to lessen the amount of messages or only receive “special announcements”. Great post!

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