DTC National 2011 – Optimizing Websites Panel

DTC National 2011 in Boston“Content is king” — that was essentially the unwritten theme of my panel at the Direct to Consumer National 2011 conference.

And, I am proud to report, that none of the panelists actually uttered the phrase “content is king.” (We’re too cool for that.)

Last week, I spent a half day at the DTC National Conference 2011 in Boston to participate in one of the pre-conference workshops. We were arranged panel style in the front of the room to talk about pharmaceutical marketing related topics.

I was on the panel “Optimizing the Brand Web Site” with some impressive panelists:

While the conversation was focused on pharma brand websites, it was a conversation that could have easily been about any industry. Basically, if I had to summarize it in a few words, it went like this.

  1. If you have a website, you need a content strategy, which includes both Phase 1 and Phase 2 content updates
  2. Update your content, so your site is worth visiting more than once and gets indexed by search engines
  3. The brand.com website is important, but it should be part of a larger brand footprint that includes an unbranded.com and social channels

I’m not sure if I captured all of that properly, since when you’re up on a panel, you’re concentrating on (a) trying to say something intelligent and (b) avoiding saying something stupid, which will be tweeted in real time.

It’s worth noting that public speaking and panels have changed over the past few years. At one time, people looked you in the eyes when you were on stage or in a panel. Now, about a third of the people are typing furiously on their  smart phones, posting tweets in real time. It’s disconcerting at first, but you get used to it. And the net benefit is that this actually helps you get a some new Twitter followers. (Psst. Follow me at @MarketingBuddy.)

Anyway, the DTC National 2011 was a productive show. After my panel, I stayed and watched the other panels, which included:

  • The Use of Search – Included panelists from Google (Kat Akbari), Yahoo and Bing
  • Advertising on the Web/Mobile – Included Raj Amin from HealthiNation and John Mangano from ComScore
  • Point-of-Care Marketing
  • Direct Mail and Direct Response
  • Multi-Cultural Marketing

Panels and events like this are amazingly helpful to your career. Not only do you get some new and useful information, you get to hear perspectives from marketers from both the agency and the brand. Every time I attend one, I return to the office recharged with fresh ideas, new business contacts, and unique industry perspectives.

Plus, I mentioned this convention in an earlier post. This was the event where they gave away free Kindles.

Special thanks to Mark Tosh for including me on the panel. Very much appreciated.

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  1. Developing a content strategy is the foundation of every web property, but pharma has so many challenges. It’s nice to see someone representing ideas that take influence from such a diverse range of content. It’s equally nice to see that there is a group looking to extend the use of the brand.com website rather than talk about it’s expiration.

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