iPad 2 Video Mirroring to Televisions

iPad 2 with Mirroring

Apple just announced the iPad 2, which is another insanely great device. Powerful, sexy, and affordable. (Just like me.)

One of the best features has to be the Video Mirroring capability. In my line of work, we use iPads for demonstration purposes. That’s all well and good for intimate conversations, but only so many people can huddle around an iPad. Not anymore.

This Video Mirroring allows you to plug your iPad directly into the television and display the entire iPad on screen. And some initial reports suggest that this will be backwards compatible to original iPads and then others contradict that. We’ll know in the next few days. I’m sure.

Imagine how powerful Video Mirroring on iPads will be in the hands of a trained speaker in a business presentation. This is the kind of flexibility we dream about in client pitches and presentations. You want hardware that has a wow factor.

I want to present from an iPad running Keynote, rather than a Windows PC running PowerPoint. It has nothing to do with quality of presentation and everything to do with the coolness factor. iPads are cool.

On the consumer side, I sure would like to use the iPad to show photos on my television. Or better yet, stream my NetFlix movies through the iPad onto the TV. The Roku still rules the television, but the iPad has portability….and YouTube.

Even though my iPad is less than a year old, I’m already considering an iPad 2. Now that is great marketing.



3 thoughts on “iPad 2 Video Mirroring to Televisions

  1. One huge benefit to the iPad (and touch devices of this quality) is that it provides presenters to move away from a linear story-telling format. With the ability to move back, forward, up, and down, presenters can respond to questions and expose information “on demand” seamlessly.

    For an expert presenters, a pinch or twist can also provide ways to “dive” into details.

  2. That’s so cool! For that reason alone I want a job where I present things. I’ve been using my iPad mostly for watching things like videos on YouTube and watching my employee subscription to DISH Network. DISH has an app the lets me stream live TV through my 3G data plan. Cablevision just came out with a similar app but it only allows streaming within the user’s home network which to me is kind of pointless when I can just watch all on my HDTV. I’m really enjoying my iPad though I use it to check out Facebook and Twitter too.

  3. I haven’t actually seen one in action yet, but it is likely to be the new-cool toy very soon. My iPad 1 is constantly working. It streams Netflix, so you have to wonder if they will allow you to send that signal to the television as well.

    It’s sort of weird that everyone including Twitter has a dedicated app for the iPad. But Facebook only offers the stripped down iPhone version. Maybe an app for iPad soon? Let’s hope.


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