3D, TV Apps, Web TV & the Jetsons

“We need to do something with 3D TV,” your clients will soon say. If you work in advertising, get ready for questions about 3D TV, TV Apps, and the next generation of Web TV devices.

The future of television is happening right now. The Jetsons TV has arrived.

Widespread adoption of new technologies is probably being slowed by the recession. In boom times, you’d see consumers with more disposable income for fun technology upgrades.

So, if you’re in marketing and advertising, this is the time to get ahead of the curve. If you wait until the client asks you about how to leverage 3D television or TV Apps from Yahoo, or Boxee, you’re going to be reacting.

You want to be educated about new technology and helping the client to make the right decision for their brand. In some cases, you may need to steer the client away from some hot new technology and into something that makes more sense for their marketing strategy.

Believe me, friends, I plan to find a way to use this television-based technology in something profitable for my clients. But it has to be the right client with the right message.

Just ‘cuz it’s snazzy and fun, doesn’t mean it will convert. We’re not here to entertain. We’re here to connect message with target audience, and motivate them to take action.

If that message works in 3D, so be it. If it’s a TV app, great. If it flows through the Boxee, terrific. If not, well, then leave the futuristic stuff to the Jetsons, and get on with delivering results to your client.

In the meantime, get one for home and watch Jetsons reruns. And let me know why we don’t have flying cars yet.

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4 thoughts on “3D, TV Apps, Web TV & the Jetsons

  1. The first adopters of this technology will need to be the right fit. As soon as there are a few solid examples in the market TV-Apps as an ad platform are going to be tremendous. At the moment, the technology to implement these apps is fragmented.

    Ironically, I think it will be Apple, with the adoption of HTML5 for the new iPad who will set a foundation for the technological common-ground. Applications that are standardized around the structure of HTML5 and JavaScript will be the thread that developers will weave between the different hardware platforms. This, when combined with audience metrics and targeted advertising, will be a whole new way to have a conversation with your audience.

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  3. Short source and high price are the two factors restricting the development of 3D TV. As more and more movies, games and sporting events are either produced or broadcasted with 3D technology, the previous restraining factor will gradually be resolved.

  4. I agree. There’s still too much novelty content out there. It’s probably like the advent of color television. There just wasnt that much color programming. Soon, though, we will see much more 3D development, which will make people want to see certain programming in 3D. By the way, the Nintendo 3DS is probably going to be a gateway device for a new generation of television viewers.

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