TV Apps Kickoff – 3 Things You Need to Know

TV Guide TV app available through YahooThe 2010 Superbowl officially kicked off the Age of TV Apps. The technology has been around for a few years and is already available to many people. But Vizio’s TV app Superbowl commercial was the kickoff heard ’round the world.

So what are TV apps? In a most basic sense, TV apps are like the applications you download for your iPhone. Small, limited-use software that allows you to personalize your hardware.

New stuff that was once only available for your computer — and then for your iPhone — is now available for your television. If you have Direct TV or Verizon FiOS, some of this is already baked into your cable box. Obviously you can get TV apps on the Vizio TV, but also on many Samsung and Sony televisions as well.

You can already use things like Twitter, Flickr, and Facebook on your TV.

Here are three things you should know about TV Apps

1. The technical field is relatively open.
Sure, there are some key players like Yahoo who have already set themselves as leaders, but that can change.  Currently, Yahoo controls the application and administers the software development kit (SDK). Note: From our personal experience, Yahoo was somewhat slow in distributing the SDKs to developers. That’s unfortunate because that could irritate programmers who could create an open-source system that could render Yahoo’s TV Apps technology obsolete. If you have the desire to create apps (or even a completely new OS), the time is now. The tech is in place for you to build the next great widget, gadget, social network, or living room app.

2. TV apps will present design challenges.

Weather TV app available through DirectTV

TV apps will face several user interface challenges. The most notable is that most people don’t have a keyboard on their television remote control. Sure, you can pull one up on the screen, but as you can imagine, typing with a little remote-control button is a pretty poor user experience. If you’ve used a Wii remote to create a Mii character, you know how tedious it can be to type out a long name. Designers will clearly make the difference between apps that succeed or fail. The old design rules will need to evolve to take advantage and address the limitations of a 10-foot interface.

3. Content & marketing opportunities will need to evolve.
The iPhone and other smart phones forced content developers and marketers to rethink the way we package messages. Long-form had to give way to shorter, more relevant messages. If not for mobile communications limitations, Twitter would have never gained a foothold in society. Face it, a 140 character message fits better on a cell phone screen than, say, a PowerPoint presentation. People who mastered the Twitter format (including URL shorteners) emerged pretty quickly as masters of the medium. And the marketers quickly caught on with brand messages. That’s a long way of saying that the new language of TV apps is still in flux. If you want to create content or marketing messages for TV apps, try to figure out what works with this new interface.

If you’re already exploring TV apps, congratulations. You’re probably going to have a head start on this unique and exciting new communications channel. I look forward to seeing what you create.


6 thoughts on “TV Apps Kickoff – 3 Things You Need to Know

  1. TV widgets are going to spike in popularity once the networks realize that it can marry passive TV content with web interactivity. Think of how a TV application may have changed the viewing experience of this past SuperBowl? Request a song for the Who to play? Vote on your favorite commercial? Imagine how American Idol could feature real-time voting or a singer history right into the viewing experience?

    There is equal opportunity for marketers on these same platforms for non-television oriented content. A milk company can sponsor a school closing widget for snow-days. EZPass might sponsor a traffic widget that you customize to your route (pre-populated based on your EZPass traffic analysis of course).

    As a developer, I’m excited to jump into this new opportunity.

  2. Addressing concerns about developer software availability:

    Earlier this year, Yahoo! made its Connected TV Widget Developer Kit (WDK) broadly available for developers and publishers (there should be no delay in getting the software now). You can get started developing your own application by going to:

  3. Bryan – Excellent. That’s where we applied. It took us a bit longer than you might typically expect. That said, maybe Yahoo us stepping up the TV App application process as more developers express interest in the WDK.

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