Blog Traffic Tip #1 Be Controversial

Blog-Traffic-TipsSo you’re thinking about a blog to promote yourself? Awesome. As your personal self-appointed blog expert, I will offer useful traffic-driving tips (that I may or may not use myself).

First: Content is king. Wow, I know, deep. But it was true when we used to slay trees to share information, and it’s true now. If you have the right content, people want to read, see, experience it.

So if you’re planning your blog, you may be interested in:

Blog Traffic Tip #1: Be Controversial
So, you want traffic, but you don’t want to resort to posting naughty pictures of celebrities. Fine, me neither. So today’s blog traffic tip is to Be Controversial. Stir the pot. Give ’em somethin’ to talk about.

Example: Kurt Sutter is a successful Hollywood producer who worked on The Shield and is the creator of Sons of Anarchy. The guy is credible. So when he talks, people listen.

Boy does he talk. His blog SutterInk is an eye opener, especially when you consider Sutter is talking about people who pay (or may someday pay) his salary. It’s a bare-knuckled critique of the television industry. Even for people not working in Hollywood, it is a startlingly brutal blog.

And, if you just judge it by comments, people read Sutter’s blog. A lot. His recent blog post “NBC’s Act of Contrition” has already netted 65+ posts in under two days.

I loved the Shield, and now I plan to check out Sons of Anarchy. Yes, because of Sutter’s blog, I want to see what kind of television this guy produces.

So…back to Tip #1. If you want to drive traffic to your website, consider a little bit of controversy. Note: it may help if you already have a good contract and a few Emmys to back up your talent. If you’re just a regular shlub, you could end up unemployed. Blog about that.

7 thoughts on “Blog Traffic Tip #1 Be Controversial

  1. I find I get my best interaction with readers when I post a controversial blog post. You just have to be prepared for some negative comments and personal attacks. However, if you are thick skinned controversy will get traffic.

  2. Rich – Interesting. I am checking out your site now.

    Do you have a “most controversial post ever”? If so, post a link here. I think it’s a relevant link for the conversation.

  3. Isn’t this idea universally true? These is the same marketing ideology that Twisted Sister rode in the 80’s and shock-TV leveraged in this past decade. What is unique about the web is how people leverage their anonymity (or lack of it) when they post.

    A controversial post goes much further when you have something to lose.

  4. I tried open up a store online and got ripped off so many times….I got fed up and decided to blog about my experiences….I know My blog says some things that might offend but every word is true…..from my own experiences….

  5. Minnie – Interesting blog you have there. It looks like you’ve really gotten into blogging about internet scams.

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