LeapFrog PDA – Stress Training for Tots

Attention, Parents!

Mildly disturbing, totally logical, and unbelievably cheap. It’s…the LeapFrog PDA.

LeapFrog PDA for Kids

LeapFrog PDA for Kids

Yup. Now you’re kid can have that same “I’m here, but I also have one eye on email” type of tortured always-on-call existence. Just like you.

In fact, when you whip our your Blackberry to respond to an email, now you can feel better saying, “well, she checked her LeapFrog first…”

This summer, your child’s last carefree moments are now as doomed as analog televisions. And not a minute too soon. It’s about time your three-year-old starts to deal with work-related stress. Starting…now.

If you’re a good parent, you’ll subscribe him to RSS feeds (including my blog). Never too soon to start the child on a path of non-stop media consumption and carpal tunnel syndrome.

Better yet, your child can begin practicing valuable Blackberry skills including:

  • Half listening & nodding
  • Speed scrolling
  • Thumb typing
  • Sneak-peeking at incoming messages (at meetings and red lights, only!)

Hurry. Act now. Don’t let your child to fall behind on a single email message!


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