Marketing Google Voice on YouTube

Google’s plan to organize the world’s information just got one step closer to reality with the release of Google Voice. Basically, this is a service that translates voicemail messages into text.

Here’s the announcement. Watch the video, since it’s actually the reason I am posting this blog.

Done? Good.

Google is smart on a lot of levels. They understand that people absorb information in different ways. By posting their announcement in text and in video, they make it easy for people to receive their message.

The Google Voice video is on YouTube (a Google property), which also means that people who use YouTube for news will receive their message as well. So they didn’t just tell me what was cool about Google Voice, they showed me. Seeing it in action makes me want to use it. It creates the “want.”

Marketers who have a message may want to consider offering their message on multiple platforms, including video. It seems to be working out okay for Google, y’know?

  • This is going to be huge for search. Google’s application of voice recognition is evident in grand central: and will become a huge part of search as more and more content is embedded in media (video, podcasts, etc). Indexing this content will give google an almost omnipotent position in search.

    I can see the new tabs in google’s search results: video content, audio content. The next few months will likely yield a new paradigm in search.