A blind love affair with the Internet

I have a quote taped to the edge of my monitor. I saw it in “Computer Currents” magazine, which is now defunct.

Here’s the quote by Clifford Stoll, noted astronomer, author, and computer expert:

Our problem is a blind love affair with the Internet. Someday soon we’ll wake up and say, “Oh my God. Look at all the time I’ve wasted online.”

by Clifford Stoll

Great quote, right? Spot on observation. But here’s the zinger…this quote is from 1997!

Think back to when you first got on the Internet. Most average people weren’t even getting online in 1997.

But somehow this guy Stoll knew that it would be a huge time waster. And blogs and social networks as we know them hadn’t even been invented yet!

I wonder what kind of predictions he’d make today.

4 thoughts on “A blind love affair with the Internet

  1. I was going to ask him, actually, but he was busy.

    On the Internet.


    Actually, I first got online in 1997, and even then I thought I was wasting so much time. But that’s just me.

  2. Hah.

    Yeah, it’s amazing how much time we managed to waste, even back in 1997. But now the ‘Net is so much better and the time wasters are really, really good. I spent a few hours in Second Life to do some research. I can see how Second Life can overwhelm someone’s real life, especially since you can make real money based on Linden bucks.

    I got online in 1993-1994, but the Internet as we know it was very, very different.

  3. I made a very conscious decision years ago to eschew online and PC gaming for my own good. Because I have friends who are seriously wrapped up in World of Warcraft. And I watch them play it, and it seems so dull to just run around killing things. There’s no goal! It’s just repetition! We might as well be time warped to 1982 and using a 2600.

    I like games that have a beginning, middle, and end. God bless consoles! 😉

    Second Life I find nothing short of astonishing that you can actually make money selling fake money to avatars of people so they can buy fake stuff.

  4. The statement is very true, but can be applied to so many things (past and present). You have to look at all of the people who have, in their own small way, gotten up from the couch and created SOMETHING. No matter how frivolous the contribution, those that have created something have managed to not sit passively in front of someone else’s vision of the world.

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